Irene Clementina started her formation years working in movie and television productions, but very soon her interest skips to photographic compositions, the setting of light, fashion and arts.

While completing her studies in History of Art, she devotes herself to courses of fashion and commercial image production in Madrid, Spain.

Her work has been published in a number of European magazines such as Vice, Kaltblut, Ozon, Dreck, Indie Magazine, Trip Berlin and many more.



During her Berlin years she starts developing a deep interest in antique fabrics, pre-industrial garments and very selected vintage pieces that will then become one of the distinguishing traits of her photographic work, as well as very elaborated make-ups and designed settings.

In more recent years her style has moved more into visionary aesthetics that combine old and new, through the juxtaposition of shocking make-ups, unique garments and deep coloured skies. Tropical heat, stylized eroticism and femininity is what she’s in the look out for. Plasticity and colour dominate her style.

Irene Clementina is currently the art director and co-owner of a very special boutique of antique and unique garments located in the heart of Madrid, that goes by the name Heritage & Rare.